How to prepare images for photo navigation

Here we want to show you the easiest and the most convenient way to create photo navigational images, e.g. prepare photos and draw the arrows.

The tool we would like to recommend is … Google Docs! It’s free of charge and accessible from any device/platform.

Open your Google account menu 1 and go to Docs 2:


In the drop-down 3 choose Slides 4.


In Slides, which is a service for presentations we are going to prepare images for photo navigation.

Create new project 5.


A new presentation with the first slide will be opened. The slides are 16:9 by default, but we need 4:3.


To change the settings go to File and choose Page Setup… 6. Then make the standard slide size 4:3 7. Click OK.


Now we need to name the presentation appropriately. Click on the existing name  8 and rename it 9. This name will be assigned to all the files you export from here and use for photo navigation.


Insert image for the navigation 10.


Open the needed image in presentation.


There is a chance that the size of the image is different from the size of the slide. To align them you need to enlarge the image according to the picture below. Make sure to avoid having margins 11, otherwise they will depicted in the final picture.


However, parts of the image might be left out. You could see the final version on the thumbnail on the left side 12.


Now you have to draw the pointer – сlick on Line 13 and choose Arrow 14. Now click where you want your pointer to start.


So you can see a line 15 as shown on the picture below.


Now you need to select it and turn it into an arrow:


You can see result as shown on the picture below.


Now create a curve pointer. Add another slide to your presentation by clicking button 24.


Open next image in presentation. Now you have to draw the pointer – сlick on Line tool and choose Curve type 25. Now click where you want your pointer to bend (white circles on the picture below – 26). To finish you need to double-click.


So you can see a curve as shown on the picture below.


You could also edit the shape, colour and bend of the curve with a simple double-click.


Adjust the color and weight of your curve, mark its beginning and end just the same you did with the straight arrow.


Now you need to turn the existing pictures into a images suitable for photo navigation.

To do so go to File 27 then click on Download as 28 and PNG Image (.png) 29.


The file will be then downloaded to Downloads folder 30. File is ready to be uploaded to the izi.TRAVEL CMS.