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During the First World War, soldiers killed in the valley of Terragnolo and on Pasubio were buried in the cemetery of Geroli.

After the war, the remains of Italian soldiers were transferred to their home towns or to the military monument in Rovereto. Only the bodies of Austro-Hungarian soldiers remained in the cemetery. In 1970, they were also transferred to Rovereto and the area was abandoned.

Following a recent and careful restoration, the cemetery can now be visited again.

Plan your visit
The cemetery is in Valle di Terragnolo, in the area called Geroli. To get there, take Strada Provinciale 138 (Provincial Road 138) in Borcola up to the village of Maureri. Then head downwards on the right, on the municipal road that goes through Sega, before climbing to Geroli.

Texts by Luigi Valduga
Photos by Luca Fornasa

Provided by
Comune di Terragnolo
Italian War History Museum onlus


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  • piera setti

    5 out of 5 rating 08-27-2018

    incredibile scoperta, perfettamente tenuto, emozionante visita!! Non lo conoscevo, benché roveretana non ne avevo mai sentito parlare! E dire che con mio padre ho percorso le trincee italiane ed austriache sul monte Zugna, visitato tutti i cimiteri di quella zona, questo però non lo conoscevo! Complimenti!!! e grazie!

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