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Museum of the toilette history is one of the most unique museums in Ukraine. It is located in the ancient defensive tower № 5.

Every expositions of the Museum it has own art idea and cover practically all periods of the development toilet culture, from ancient times to our days.

Visitors to the museum have the opportunity to make an unusual time travel: to visit the old Roman baths and latrine, to feel the atmosphere of the era of night pots, reigning in the Europe’s middle ages, to be surprised by the fashion of "throne meetings on a pot" introduced by European monarchs in the Renaissance, and, of course, to become witnesses to the evolution of a draining toilet.


Charity video tours

This is a new charity project of the team of the Museum of the Toilette History (Kyiv, Ukraine) with interesting, entertaining and informative videos for the whole family.

All funds for the sold video tours will send to help the affected Ukrainian families, the military and the elderly.

Each episode of the Museum of the Toilette history video tour is the short story with facts about hygiene and toilet culture and unique exhibits from the Museum of the Toilette History.

The first episode is already in Ukrainian and English on the museum's website:

Get ready to be surprised!

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  • 22, Petschersskyj-Steig, Левашовська Гора, Собача Тропа, Rajon Petschersk, Kiew, 01133, Ukraine
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