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After the end of the World War II, by the decision of the Executive Committee of the Kexholm (Priozersk) District Council of Worker's Deputies dated March 30, 1946, the territory of the former Finnish villages of Mattila, Khakana, Larjava, Mahoinen and Hiekkavalkana with a total area of 56 hectares was transferred to the V. L. Komarov Botanical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences for establishing scientific and experimental station. The Station was named 'Otradnoye'. In 1947 the arboretum was established in order to study acclimatization of plants. The Mahoinen manor house was then converted to a dormitory for the researchers.

The arboretum park of the Otradnoye station comprises a collection of 2,500 taxa of trees from all over the Northern Hemisphere. There are plants from North America, Europe and Asia, endemic plants of the Far East and the Caucasus, rare and exotic species. The arboretum was named after Sergey Yakovlevich Sokolov, who carried out selection studies at the station.

Now Otradnoye arboretum is undergoing a process of obtaining a status of the nature conservation area. The plants of the arboretum are equipped with QR labels. By scanning the QR code, you can learn new and interesting facts about each plant.

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  • Ларганова дорога, Плодовское сельское поселение, Käkisalmi District, Leningrad oblast, Northwestern Federal District, 188750, Russia


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