Comstock Cemetery Foundation

The Comstock Cemetery Foundation manages 65 acres of cemetery lands within the boundaries of the Virginia City National Historic Landmark.
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The Comstock Cemetery Foundation (CCF) was formed over 20 years ago at a meeting in the upper floor of the Delta Saloon. The CCF is locally based with its founding members still on the board. The board manages 65 acres of cemetery lands located with the boundaries of the National Historic Landmark. The CCF works in partnership with state, federal and local organizations. It was one of the only cemetery groups in the Nation to receive a Save America’s Treasurers Grant. The CCF relies wholly on public donations. While they have completed nearly four million dollars of preservation projects they have another 10 million dollars left to earn! As an all-volunteer group, 100% of your donations go toward preservation activities. The Comstock Cemetery Foundation’s mission is to…restore the gardens of the past.