Let's draw routes for segments of the quest

At this stage you need to draw the route for each segment, except the first. In our scenario, the first segment does not contain a route. In the first stage, the user must answer a quiz question, and after the correct answer has been provided, the next step (segment) opens up. This segment will include the route from the starting point to the attractions in the second segment. The route of the last segment will continue the previous route and is opened along with the open attraction. You do not need to draw a route to the hidden attraction, since the user should be able to find it using other hints.

Draw the route for the second segment. For this:

  1. Select the second segment on the list.
  2. Select the line tool.
  3. Draw a line by clicking on the map where there are changes in the trajectory of the route.
  4. Save the line by clicking the Save button.


Follow the same steps to draw a line for the third segment. The result will look something like this:


The last step is all that remains – assigning the checkpoints for the quest segments.