Assigning and configuring checkpoints

Now let’s assign checkpoints for each segment. A checkpoint is used to display the next segment when one of the following conditions is implemented:

The final checkpoint completes the round. In our case, this checkpoint will be a hidden attraction. When its trigger zone is crossed, this signals that the quest has been completed.

In our round, there should be two conventional checkpoints (1) and a final one (2).


Assign the first attraction using a checkpoint. For this:


3. Open the next segment.

4. Name of the next segment (selected from the list).

5. Open the segment with the correct answer to the quiz question.


Set the next checkpoint using the same steps.

You must set other parameters for the final checkpoint:

6. Completing the quest.

7. When the checkpoint is visited, the segment is detached.


After these settings, the checkpoints (8) and final (9) points will be designated by the corresponding symbols:


The creation of the Quest is completed when this happens. Now you need to verify that everything works.