Text to speech / Professional recording

Voice-over for your audio guide

You do not need to spend a lot time searching for professional voice actor or create the perfect silence in your recording room.

You can do the voice-over for your tour right in the CMS.

Text to speech

It is a computer synthesized voice which will automatically vocalize the text you typed in. This feature is perfect to get a quick demo of your tour and to test your tour, for instance the length of your stories etc.

For the “Text to speech” button to become active, enter the text in the “Description”  1 field and click “Save”. 2

Then click «Text to Speech» 3 to start the conversion process.

First you need to select a voice. You can choose male of female voice 4

Then you need to select the source 5 that will be used to generate the audio.
Your can choose the Description, or the Editors Notes.
By using Editor’s Notes you can differentiate the audio narrative from the on screen information. This is highly recommended.

Click the “Record” 6 button and after a few seconds the audio recording will be automatically added to the description of the tourist attraction or exhibit item.

Professional recording

Choose “Order professional recording” 1 if you want help to get your audio guide recorded by a professional actor.

To complete the request, you need to select  2 the stories from your guide or select all to record the entire guide.

During the choice of stories the approximate cost of the order will be calculated based on the number of words in the selected stories and a word price $0.10.

The final step is to check the order data and submit it. Your request will be sent to the support team, and you will soon be contacted to arrange an order. 3

You will receive a confirmation that the order has been sent to the support team. Click “Close” 4 button and continue working on the audio guide.