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About the quest

This Lostwithiel bewilder challenges young people to find a series of locations hereabouts, all within easy walking distance. We call each location a 'satellite splat' because they are  pinpointed by satellites far above you. Bewilder only reveals where to go next once you successfully solve a riddle. To hear them you simply need to carry your phone into our splats and a voice will tell you everything you need to know. Your first splat will be visible on the Google map on this app. Navigate to it and as soon as you find it you'll hear your first riddle. At this stage the next splat location will not show up on your map. however, after listening to the riddle you'll need to open our quiz and pick one of the answers. Only when you've chosen the correct one will the next splat appear on your map. 

Later on, to make it more challenging, all subsequent splats will remain invisible on your map but they're out there somewhere, and within easy walking distance. You just need to listen and then start walking to the place you think the riddle describes. If you are correct, as soon as you find it, a voice will begin talking with a new riddle for the next place to find.

Each time you successfully find a new splat you will accumulate points - 50 for each one. But every time you choose a wrong quiz answer, you lose 10 of these points. As reward, you'll also hear a joke as you enter each splat,

This bewilder should take you under an hour to complete. If you want to try this bewilder again or try it with someone else, simply 'reset' it by pressing the little tiny circular arrow symbol on our opening page and wait for it to upload. Although, if you do this, you will lose all the points you gained previously.

Along the way, be sure to take some photos and share your achievements on our Bewilder facebook - a link to this will be visible on your screen at every splat  - although SPOILER ALERT! - you may find the answers there. Remember to consider your online privacy.

Quest location

  • Taprell House, North Street, Lostwithiel, Cornualha, Inglaterra, PL22 0AE, Reino Unido

Esta missão contém enigmas e mistérios. Você pode resolvê-los procurando pistas no local. Respostas corretas desbloqueiam novos desafios. Procure esta missão no app da izi.TRAVEL. Baixe agora para começar.


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