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By-the-way tours aspires to be a Community Interest Company with charitable aims centering around increasing the economic sustainability of less visited locations in the Westcountry. Whilst By-the-way locations may include already popular visitor destinations, we will always also attempt to draw people towards less well visited places on every tour. To reduce our carbon footprint we promise to allocate 25% of any revenue we make towards supporting the switch to electric vehicles through charging stations, investment in local renewable energy generation or methods or carbon sequestering.

And now to the credits.  

This tour has been 3 years in the making and test driven by at least a dozen lovely local people whose feedback has been indispensable. Thanks also are due to The Sealed Knot, the Lost Gardens of Heligan, the Lostwithiel Business Group, i-Mayflower from Plymouth and everyone else who invested in our successful Crowdfiunder pitch in summer 2021. Oh and if you wondered why our tours are called by-the-way, it’s because they are placed ‘beside the way’ ( main roads in our case). The information for this tour came from various sources including Lostwithiel's museum, Barbara Frazer's book - The New Book of Lostwithiel: Cornwall's Medieval Capital, and various websites available online including the Battlefields of Britain, British Battles.com, The BCW Project UK, the Battlefields Resource centre and Historic England. Also useful was Lostwithiel 'the fairest of small cities' - a historic characterisation 2008 and thanks also to the Lostwithiel Town Council for supporting this tour. Thanks obviously to the team : Ryan Davies  (sound recordist) , Emily Attenburrow (voice of Ann Teague), Iain Marshall voice of John Teague and Simon Ford who created our website, Crowdfunder animation video, flyers and logo. In Lostwithiel we were grateful to Angie May for assisting us with our Cornish accents and to John Pegg, Dave Pickford, Jill Robbins, Toby Songer, Bran Howell, Mark Kelly, Ross Morcom, Rupert Warwick, Jeff Pearce, Jamie Jenord and Angela Warwick. The tour software was provided by IZI tours who have been extremely helpful. Thanks everyone!   

We hope very much you enjoy your tour.     



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  • PL24 116D, St Austell Road, St Blazey Gate, St. Blaise, St Blazey, Cornualha, Inglaterra, PL24 2EE, Reino Unido

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  • John Sexton

    4 out of 5 rating 11-16-2021

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