Create a navigational story

The final stage when creating a tour is to include a navigational story which will warn tourists of any upcoming route changes.

1. Create a navigational story:

  • Select the “Navigational story” tool from the tool box and click on the spot where you wish the navigational story to be played.


  • In the pop-up window, type a name for the story and click on “Create”.


Now, the navigational story’s icon, encircled by a trigger-zone, will appear on the map, at the location where you clicked. Also, the navigational story is now included in the list of tourist attractions (shown on the left panel).

2. Add a description to the navigational story:

  • Select the navigational story’s name.


  • In the “Description” field, enter the recommended directions or editor marks. This field is optional because description doesn’t show on the mobile app.
  • Upload the audio story (navigational command) by clicking “Choose file”, next to the “Audio” parameter. If you prefer, it is possible to skip this step for now and upload the audio later.
  • Click on “Save”.


The navigational story has now been created.

Click on the arrow in order to return to the tour’s main window.


Create another navigational stories following the steps described above.


You have now created a tour, consisting of tourist attractions, a navigational stories and a route.

You can now test it. This will require a smartphone, with an audio guide installed, and a passcode.